July 17, 2018

BodyTalk™ Explained

Why do you get sick?

Modern research has shown us that the bodymind is a holistic, interrelated system that involves hundreds of physical and bio-energetic systems that interact continuously to sustain life. Balanced communications between these systems are fundamental to good health. The inter-relationships between the components of the body at the physical, emotional and mental level create a complex symphony of relationships. If the communication systems and energy linkages necessary for the bodymind to function at its best are compromised, the lack of communication stops each body part ‘talking’ to the other body parts, there is no synchronicity in their functions and poor health or symptoms of disease result.

The factors that ultimately cause our symptoms or disease are virtually limitless but include:

  • Physical trauma (e.g. car accidents, sports injuries, head injuries)
  • Chemical trauma (e.g. cleaners, petrochemicals, insecticides and pesticides)
  • Emotional traumas that we cannot process and release effectively
  • Extreme fatigue, over exertion, over work, over whelmed
  • Incomplete healing of diseases
  • Incomplete immune response to pathogens (parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi)
  • Medications and drugs (including vaccines, contraceptive hormones, steroids, alcohol, cigarettes, general anesthetics, muscle relaxants and anti-depressants, aspirin, recreational drugs, cholesterol lowering medication)
  • Surgery
  • Dehydration

The innate intelligence only fails in maintaining balance because its communication systems have been severely compromised through the stresses of life.


Balancing the Brain

One of the core philosophies of the BodyTalk System is that all disease found in the body is reflected in the brain at some level. As an example, if there is a neurological connection in the brain that is disconnected, then there will be a corresponding reflection in the bodymind complex in the form of a physical, mental, bio-chemical or other malfunction. One of the main goals of BodyTalk is to balance communication between the two halves of the brain, as well as within all levels of brain function. Improving this communication can quickly and easily address many common issues, as well as improve brain function and memory. The BodyTalk Cortices Technique is one of the most powerful techniques within the system. Learn the Cortices Technique:


How does the BodyTalk Practitioner receive information from the client during BodyTalk Sessions?

Similar to applied Kinesiology, BodyTalk uses biofeedback to communicate with that inner wisdom to reconnect pathways that have broken down.


What happens in a session?

Your BodyTalk session is safe and comfortable, and you remain fully clothed. You will lie on a massage table in a relaxed position with a pillow under your head and another pillow under your knees.

The BodyTalk System gives the practitioner protocols to be able to assess all the systems of the body for dysfunction. The practitioner consults your ‘innate intelligence’ via muscle testing to discover where these dysfunctions lie. As every individual is so unique only their innate intelligence knows what is to be balanced and in what order, we ask each individual body what needs balancing, so you get the treatment you need.



Once the problem is located light tapping on the head and then on the heart allows the body to communicate its needs to the brain. If the brain does not know what is wrong it cannot activate the healing process. It has been shown when a patient is linked up to an EEG when this treatment occurs; the parts of the brain associated with the problem areas go through a massive amount of brain wave activity.

Tapping on the chest invites the heart to store the changes. The heart is the master organ of the body, and as such, will make the changes lasting and permanent. Your heart will store (you “know it by heart”) the “new, improved” patterns in the body’s cellular memory, so the cells can replicate with the newly corrected code instead of the old damaged patterns, thereby continuing the healing process long after the session is over. Since your body is storing corrections, every formula is building on the one before.  Each session is building on the one before.  This is the process of building health.


The body knows the Priority

Your body will work on the most important things first.  Sometimes the hidden, inner things need healing BEFORE what you consider your main complaint.  If you are alert, you will notice feeling better overall – maybe you don’t over-react to stress as much, maybe you feel more refreshed in the morning on waking, maybe you just feel freer on a subtle yet significant plane.


Restored Communication

Clinical results have shown that once the communication systems have been re-established and the bodymind synchronized, the body is capable of improving its function at a deep and lasting level. As the BodyTalk practitioner is really teaching the body to return itself to “normal”, this means that the healing process becomes automatic for the client. Fewer treatments are required when working with this type of balancing.


Some concerns BodyTalk see consistent success:

  • Digestive Disorders, abdominal pain and dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, hiatus hernia, constipation
  • Hormonal imbalance and reproductive disorders, period pain and PMS
  • Fertility
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Asthma
  • Chronic viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections
  • Allergies & Intolerances to foods and other substances
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Joint pain and stiffness, injuries from trauma and sports
  • Depression
  • Fears, phobias and deep-seated emotional trauma
  • Chronic Pain – back / neck / joint
  • Migraines
  • Learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD
  • First Aid
  • Muscular-skeletal problems, TMJ dysfunction
  • Lymphatic disorders

While BodyTalk is not always a substitute for conventional medical care, almost every condition has been found to respond positively to BodyTalk because it furthers your body’s natural healing process. Even if BodyTalk is not being used as the primary mode of healing, it will help you heal faster.


What is BodyTalk™?

Your body was born to heal itself due to cellular memory. Imagine if our bodies could tell you what is hurting and why you may be feeling out of sorts. The different parts of your body are in constant communication.

BodyTalk facilitate communication within the human body. BodyTalk is a healing modality which revolutionizes your current healthcare practices. BodyTalk combines the wisdom of traditional, alternative and orthodox medicinal theories and practices providing a non-intrusive flow of healing within the body. It is a comprehensive and complete system that was designed specifically to restore communication and balance in the body. Restoring communication and balance in your body can then trigger natural self-healing process. BodyTalk is a pain-free, drug-free approach, with no risks or side effect.

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